100% fibre broadband with zero lock-in contract

All high speed fibre broadband offered comes with a 12 months or a 24 months contract.  But if you decided  to cancel or terminate the plan, there will be termination penalty ranges from RM500 to the remaining months.

Sometimes, we will need to change the plan, either upgrade or downgrade the fibre broadband plan, with the contract, we cannot change to other plan easily or there will be another 24 months contract once we changed new plan.

Now, TIME is having a Zero Lock-In Contract.  You will still enjoy 100% high-speed fibre broadband with no quota and enjoy the flexibility to terminate, downgrade or upgrade your Internet plan.

You will have to pay a one-time charge of RM400 for the 100 or 500Mbps plans or RM500 for the 1Gbps plan. If you choose to switch to a contract plan later, that one-time payment will then be given back to you as a rebate over an 8 to 10-month period depending on the plan you chose.


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