What Makes the TIME Internet Service Ideal for Business Users?

As a large number of business transactions are now conducted online, there has been a rising need of a stable and high-speed internet. In recent years, most of the internet service providers has started introducing fibre internet connection, which is the data transfer through the fibre optic cable.  This form of fibre broadband connection is able to transfer data with minimal losses during the transfer.  Thus, the cost of setting up the fibre broadband connection is higher compared to the previous copper cable internet connection.  In Malaysia, not all ISPs are able to provide quality fiber connection, thus we have to choose a reliable ISPs like TIME internet service.

Reliable and quality internet services normally are more expansive than the copper connection. If you are looking for a cheap solution, you may face issues that are related to getting online.  If you operate an office, when internet connection is slow, your staffs cannot perform their tasks efficiently due to slow internet connection. If you run a café or a restaurant that also providing wifi service to your customers, a terrible internet connection may cause customer to walk away.

Good internet services, like TIME internet service, provide you assurance of high-speed and reliability through a dedicated fiber optic cable. This would give you peace of mind that you have sole ownership of an internet cable that is literally capable of transferring data at the speed of light.

Though such a service may sound expensive and unnecessary, but the reality is far from it. TIME internet provides business users with a variety of packages. The speeds of these packages vary from 10 Mbps to 45 Mbps and also come with an option to boost that speed up to 100 Mbps for 30 hours a month. Other high quality internet service providers tend to have similarly flexible packages.  Apart from the convenient pricing and reliability, a good internet service also needs to have minimum down time.

Check if your area is within TIME fibre coverage zone, and get your TIME Internet today.

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